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Anticipate and shape the future with specialized software designed for FMCG brands

Quick market entry and financial performance

Unlike other Ecommerce providers, it includes the B2B features you need immediately for faster time to market. Know your costs upfront with transparent pricing and get the ecommerce solution you need within your budget with a trained and certified solution integrator like Ekino Vietnam.

Open-source freedom and security

In addition to cost savings, open source solutions offer increased security and stability through code visibility. The Oro ecosystem, consisting of over 600,000 partners and developers, actively updates Oro’s solutions on a daily basis.

All the right features straightaway

Eliminate the need for platform customization and integration, saving time and money. The necessary functionalities are already available, and integration is made simple through the extensive API. Focus on building your eCommerce business instead of your website, and easily scale with solutions that adapt to your needs

Compatible with all FMCG business models

OroCommerce is prepared to support any FMCG business model, including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. With features such as multiple decoupled storefronts and personalized customer portals, we provide the tools needed to reach your business objectives

eCommerce + CRM

OroCommerce and OroCRM offer a comprehensive integration solution for CRM and eCommerce. This single solution supports desktop and mobile sales and marketing activities, providing a complete 360-degree view of each customer from the office or while on the go.

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Key OroCommerce Features for FMCG

  • Reflect Your B2B Buyers’ Organizational Structures
  • Customize the shopping experience for B2B buyers
  • Streamline processes and manage your store easily through the admin panel
  • Enhance Your Marketing Team’s Efficiency
  • Equip your sales and support teams with the tools they need to close cases and deals quickly

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Gourmet salt


United States

Oro stood out to us because, out of the box, it provided solutions we had fought hard to shoe-horn into our previous platform. The stability and reliability of that as the basis for was incredibly important to us.
Peter Noonan (ex-)Marketing Manager , SaltWorks


RDP Food service


Groceries Company


United States

RDP Foodservice has grown from a local grocery company into one of the largest food distributors in Ohio. Before America was hooked on pizza, the DiPaolo family was supplying fresh ingredients to the first pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio. Today, RDP has twice earned the award as one of Columbus’ top 50 fastest growing companies by Business First Magazine.