We’re thrilled to introduce OroCommerce 5.1 – designed specifically to help you achieve business continuity and strengthen relationships with your partners and customers. This upgrade was a collaborative effort. Over the year, we closely listened to your feedback and suggestions. The result is the much-awaited 5.1 Long-Term Support (LTS) – the most up-to-date and stable version of our products.

What’s new in OroCommerce 5.1

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Search experience

Enhancing the search experience is pivotal for a successful shopping journey, and we’re elevating it to new heights. Customize words and phrases to simplify your customers’ quest for their desired items.. Gain new visibility with search analytics for better decision-making.

Product bundling and kitting

Ready to take control of your eCommerce business? Leverage bundling and kitting to elevate your product offerings and provide customers with greater choices. Display interconnected products as a collection or empower customers to craft their unique configurations.

Similar products functionality

Searching is not the only option. Increase sales by providing customers with similar products. Specify which products should be considered similar to enhance upsell and cross-sell effectiveness. Prioritize products that share the same product type, category, or shared characteristics.

Payment options

We’re happy to announce that Oro now integrates with Stripe’s payment processing system. Your customers can use Stripe to manage payments, subscriptions, fee structures, and billing for multiple orders, all within the Oro checkout.

Enhanced resilience in business operations

Organization types

When it comes to organizations, you determine the functions and user permissions available to each one. This means you can create separate selling channels, like multivendor marketplaces and direct-to-consumer websites, all from one Oro instance.

Multivendor management

Are you seeking improved engagement with your selling partners and an expansion of your ecosystem? By using the new multivendor management features, you can distinguish between the portal functionality of each vendor and enable them to sell together on one storefront.

Order splitting functions

Streamlining the process of fulfilling orders from multiple vendors has become more seamless. Oro’s order-splitting capabilities enable you to segment orders according to diverse criteria. Additionally, the availability of multiple shipping cost options offers increased value and choice to your customers.

Search discoverability

Enhance your brand and product visibility among a broader audience through further SEO enhancements. To enhance your search results, we’ve added more natural-sounding attributes and microdata for descriptions.

Back-End UI and Sales Efficiency

Powerful selling tools

Supercharge your efficiency using our latest sales widgets. Attain a holistic perspective of critical data through the introduction of new dashboards. Effortlessly recognize trends, fine-tune your strategies, and, in the end, elevate your revenue.

Better visibility and reporting

Attain a comprehensive overview of your eCommerce operations through Oro’s recent integration with Google Analytics 4. Gain insights into your business’s current performance and its future trajectory, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Quick access buttons

Executing frequently used commands and actions is now more straightforward. The introduction of quick-access buttons streamlines the sales process, enabling sellers to concentrate on what truly counts – expanding their business.

Drag-and-drop product sorting

We’re introducing a fresh drag-and-drop system for product sorting. This enhancement offers a more straightforward and intuitive method for you to arrange your products, ensuring your store maintains a polished and professional appearance.

Get Ready for OroCommerce 5.1

OroCommerce 5.1 is designed to empower you in establishing a robust and enduring brand that consistently draws customers back for more. Thanks to our latest features and enhancements, reaching your objectives and cultivating customer loyalty and satisfaction is now swifter and more accessible than ever before.

To discover new version of OroCommerce or to book a private demo session, let contact us via: contact@ekino.vn

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